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Gratitude > Bad Attitude

What if you could improve your life FOR FREE, with just a small time commitment each day? What if I told you it was easy as pulling out a journal or your phone and jotting a short list down every day?

Gratitude is one the most under-utilized tools that we all have access to every second of every day. It’s something that should be practiced all year long, not just on holidays that tell you to be thankful. Cultivating gratitude is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on your life. Focusing on the beautiful moments and events throughout your day or week eliminate toxic emotions and replace them with good ones like joy, serenity, and maybe even pride. This not only improves your psychological health, but your physical health as well. It reduces the amount of stress hormones + chemicals in your body, which in turn can give you relief from physical aches and pains. Most people note that they sleep better and have more energy throughout the day when they practice daily gratitude. This new found energy could allow you to get to the gym more than one day a week, enjoy forgotten activities that you love, and be more present with your kiddos when you get home from work.

At first, gratitude may not come easily. You may sit down to write your list, and you draw a blank. That is completely normal! Start out easy!! Did you make it to work safely? Was your coffee hot? Did you get all of the kids out the door for school? Did you have an amazing sandwich at lunch? Once you start looking for the good in each day, those moments will start to present themselves to you much easier and you will begin to notice more of them, making this habitual!

True Light Chiropractic is quickly approaching our one month mark of being open and we are more grateful than ever! We are enjoying connecting with new people, becoming a part of such a great community, and are starting to see our first progress exam results! Our office practices gratitude daily, we celebrate birthdays, sports team victories, sunny days, but our favorite celebrations are when we get to celebrate lives changing! Celebrating wins and the incredible progress of our practice members is inspiring, exciting, and motivating! With each health goal being met, our purpose grows, our story deepens, and our vision expands!! Our practice members are the life of our practice and we can not express enough gratitude for each and every one of them! With all of this being said, we are grateful for the opportunity to be an avenue of health here in Celina. We have been welcomed with open arms since the moment we decided this would be our home and we hope to always return that favor!

Love + Light,

-Dr. Kelsey

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