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Self Love!

In our culture, we tend to celebrate the hustle and pride ourselves on how busy we are. It is often the first thing that many people say when you ask ‘How has your week been?’ More times than not, I catch myself responding to that question with ‘Busy, but great!’ This lifestyle is not wrong, but the constant go, go, go can keep your attention away from you…your health, and even your own thoughts. When was the last time you sat with yourself and asked ‘what do I need?’ ‘What has been grabbing my attention lately?’ or even ‘what would make me happy today?’ Self-love is about looking deeper into your mental, physical, and spiritual health. It’s about intuitively listening to your body and your mind so that you can nurture it with the rest, exercise, or the comfort that it needs. It is about sitting with yourself and being intentional with your thoughts, your prayers, and your self-talk.

I often see women taking self-care days that are focused on physical appearance. We indulge in our outward looks with manicures, pedicures, getting our hair done, and even a little retail therapy. While these are all fun activities that I thoroughly enjoy, I wouldn’t call this self-love. At least not to its fullest extent. Self-love is the act that we intentionally participate in to care for our mental, physical, and spiritual selves. Self-love is the process of constantly pouring into ourselves and our spirituality to become the best version of us that we can be. Ask yourself this…How can you give your family, your job, or your spouse your best when you may not have slowed down enough to know what your best looks like?

Self-love is not a destination, it is a practice. It is not narcissistic… it is something most people admire in others. Self-love, along with faith, are foundational pieces to a happy life. If you have any questions, don’t know where to start, or you just want another opportunity to pour into yourself, join us and Native McKinney next Thursday, May 9th for an empowering women’s night of self-love, succulent planting, yoga, and hanging out with each other!

- Dr. Kelsey

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