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Start small. Gain momentum. Build fast.

Momentum is one of my favorite topics to discuss! This concept can be applied to multiple areas of our lives! It is seen that even great underdogs can overcome incredible feats and win championships if they gain the momentum! Take a moment to ask yourself these questions: What would it mean for you to gain momentum in your life? In your health? In your career? In your family life?

I was listening to an Ed Mylett podcast discussing this topic and he mentioned that there are 810,000 cells being replaced every second in our bodies! As a Chiropractor, this sparked my interest immediately knowing that what we do helps the body’s innate processes control and regulate this turnover as efficiently as possible! It is, without a doubt, incredible + beautiful that our bodies are undergoing cellular turnover every second of every day without us having to think about it! How does this relate to momentum?! CHECK THIS OUT!

This cellular degeneration + regeneration is where the momentum lives!! This is the KEY to gaining momentum toward a healthier lifestyle! Our objective should be to replace the old unhealthy cells with new healthier cells as we grow! We should be adopting habits that increase our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual selves! If we are striving to do this daily imagine the amount of cells we could replace with healthier cells and who we would be by the end of the year?! How much more of life could we be expressing? How much more present could we be with our families + those that matter most to us? How much more energy + focus would we have to accomplish tasks at work? These daily practices don't have to be complex and time consuming when you are first starting out. In fact, it is actually better for you to start small to pile up some wins, gain momentum, and build confidence!

A few Simple Ways to Gain Momentum toward a Healthier Lifestyle:

1. Eat foods that are raw + organic!

2. Drink water

3. Give yourself 15-30 minutes each day of alone time (meditate, pray, read, breath)

4. Get Checked + Adjusted

5. Go on date night with your loved one

6. Spend quality time with your family

These are all simple habits that you can adopt that begin to add up and increase your quality of life allowing you to gain momentum toward the life you were destined for! Start small. Gain momentum. Build fast.

Love + Light,

Dr. Colton Wood, DC

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