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The 3-Step Tool to Living with Purpose

Are you like me and get so consumed with your daily routine that you hyper-focus on all of the details?? I mean to the point that it becomes about simply completing tasks and moving to the next. All of the fun, passion, curiosity, and excitement that you started with begins to dwindle? It is all of the sudden about how well or quick you can get one task done to move to the next and you begin to create an efficient routine to do so? If this behavior continues, it is only a matter of time before we lose sight of the reason we are doing these tasks in the first place!

As a business owner and Chiropractor working towards a higher mission, vision, and purpose it is very easy to put so much on the to-do list that I get sucked into the details and lose sight of my greater purpose in life. Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner, stay at home parent, student, working up the corporate ladder, employee for a mom + pop shop, or a CEO, you ARE fulfilling a purpose greater than your own! And it is okay to admit that, at times, it seems like a fight to live a purpose-driven life! Hear me when I say…you are not the only one that feels that!

With that being said, it is critical for us to STEP BACK, ZOOM OUT, and alter our perspective regularly to remind ourselves of the greater vision and plan for our lives! TAP IN to the reasons we are doing all of these tasks…why the details matter, why we want to grow our business, why we want to serve our kids at the highest level, why we want to make it to the top of the corporate ladder, why we want our work to come across meaningful, professional, and impactful! This perspective alone brings a certain level of integrity to our work! We don’t even need to know the answers to these questions, but just bringing awareness to the idea that everything we are doing is for a greater purpose will provide you with this integrity and special something!




Love + Light,

Dr. Colton Wood, DC

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