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The WHY behind the Name!

The WHY behind the Name: True Light Chiropractic

When choosing to go with this name over numerous others, we knew that it would be interpreted in multiple, unique and creative ways…which we liked! Here is the full lowdown and explanation of what it means to us! To make it simple and digestible, we will break it up into the two separate words and bring them together at the end! (We would LOVE to hear what it means to you or what you thought it meant prior to reading this blog post!)

1. TRUE:

We find that at the root of all connection and meaningful relationships is TRUTH! Without honesty, integrity, and the belief that you can trust the other party, the relationship and connection will be lost! It is within this trust and connection that ideas can be exchanged, needs can be met, healing can take place, and goals can be achieved. It is in our EVERYDAY intention to bring TRUTH back into our community’s lives because we know that this is where LIFE is found! We are in a world filled with technology, sales tactics, ill motives, and selfish agendas. You will NOT find any of those here at TLC…only pure Chiropractic, love, positivity, and servitude!


At TLC, we strive, not only to be the LIGHT in which the truth can shine from, but also to bring light back into our practice members’ lives!! We don’t hyper-focus on the darkness- all of the symptoms, issues, diagnoses or other things going wrong in life. Instead, we focus on the LIGHT- what is going right, the things we can be grateful for, the incredible healing ability of our bodies, the unique gifts we each possess- and how we can support and amplify these things to drive out the darkness!

3. With all of that being said, everyone has their own TRUE LIGHT- their own unique contribution to the world! We have this saying that you have most likely seen throughout our paperwork, website, Instagram, Facebook, pinterest, and within our office that reads..Be the LIGHT!! Not only is this a catchy tag line that is congruent with our brand, but it has MASSIVE meaning behind it!! For us, this tag means that you are spreading your truth, being free from judgement, obligation, pressure, and insecurities allowing you to be full of love, hope, and eagerness to serve those around you!!

Don’t forget to tell us what it means to you!! Or even what you thought it meant before reading this!

Be TRUE! Be YOU! Be the LIGHT!!

Love + Light,

Drs. Colton + Kelsey Wood

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