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What Are We Really Up To??

Our modern lifestyles, impulsive nature, and constant necessity for instant gratification leads us to make decisions and live as if we could obtain optimal health by means of a “quick fix”. Whether this means buying one massage, taking one pill, taking one supplement one time, getting one chiropractic adjustment, going to the gym one time, or even eating the occasional healthy meal. Living a healthy lifestyle takes healthy decision making and consistent action toward a greater state of health! It is much more than doing one thing for your health, one time, and FIXING what was wrong.

Let’s flip the script on our impulsive nature! The days of thinking that we can get healthy by masking our symptoms and not changing unhealthy habits are long gone!! It’s time to obtain the results we want, make healthy decisions, and take consistent action toward our greatest selves…all by starting with our mindset!


Rather than living our lives thinking that we can FIX what is wrong…lets start looking at what is right! Find the untapped potential within ourselves that has been lacking acknowledgement and attention! After flows where attention goes!

The inevitable question that surfaces now is…”what is right? I’ve never thought of it that way..”. Well, let me tell you!! On an anatomical and human level, the very fact that YOU are living, breathing, heart beating, and expressing life is INCREDIBLY right!! We can start by acknowledging that and being grateful!

When thinking about what is right I immediately think about the MASTER CONTROL system of our bodies- the nervous system. The message traveling to and from your brain is ALWAYS right when it is interference-free! This is what leads to your greatest expression of health and life!! At TLC, we are always looking towards what is RIGHT within you, FREEING any interference to your nervous system, and supporting your body in its greatest expression of your full potential!! We are NOT here to FIX anything, we are here to FREE everything right within you! Your body is the HEALER! And if no one has told you today or in the past 10 years or even in your entire life…YOUR BODY IS THE GREATEST DOCTOR + HAS AN INCREDIBLE CAPACITY TO HEAL…GREATER THAN ANYONE HAS LEAD YOU TO BELIEVE!!

So, what are we really up to here ta TLC??

We are simply the facilitator to YOUR process, FREEING what has always been RIGHT in you..not FIXING anything!!

Love + Light,

Dr. Colton

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